How Dublin, GA Roofing Customers Can See Our Recent Projects

Olde South Contractors has a legacy in the roofing industry spanning 35 years. We aim to serve our customers in Dublin, GA, and surrounding areas with the highest quality roofing services. We also understand that consumers want to feel comfortable with their roofing contractor before scheduling a service. As a result, our website is designed to help facilitate that relationship and give clients the comfort they require through our recent projects on the home page.

Social Proof for Our Valued Customers

Our website helps customers get a better feel for our work by publishing recent projects on our Home page. This way, customers from Claxton, GA, can see projects in their specific area. Furthermore, customers interested in specific service types like liquid-applied roofing or standing seam metal roofing can see examples of these projects.

Recent Projects Examples

On our home page, you can see that our recent projects include a metal roof restoration, an acrylic roof coating, and a TPO roof installation. So be sure to continually check our website for our most recent projects.

Metal Roof Restoration

We restored a metal roof with a liquid-applied membrane to rectify its leakage and energy inefficiency. Our waterproofing work and highly reflective coatings reduced energy costs while providing a dry space.

Acrylic Roof Coating

A storage facility with leak problems received an acrylic roof coating and a 10-year warranty. The system required cleaning, primer, and waterproofing before applying a base and topcoat.

TPO Roof Installation

We installed a Durable TPO roof over an existing metal roofing system. The current system had problems with leaks, and the new installation increases energy efficiency while addressing those leaks.

Servicing Multiple Cities

Our company is based in Dublin, but we also offer high-quality roofing services to customers in the surrounding areas. You can check out our full-service coverage on the locations page of our website. 

We encourage customers to check out our service areas in conjunction with our pins and reviews so that you can have a good feel for how our business can serve you.

Olde South Contractors is Committed to High-Quality Services

We hope you take the time to browse through our website features and get a better feel for who we are as a company. We aim to serve consumers with the highest-quality roofing services in our service areas.

Our company has a strong legacy in Georgia, and we aim to uphold our reputation. This website is one of several ways we can make the process easier for our customers throughout the region. Most of all, we will allow our services to speak for themselves with superior performance.