Foam Roofing

Get a Foam Roof For Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties have relied on foam roofing for an extended period to enhance the longevity and stability of their roofs. Various types of foam roofing are accessible, so it’s advisable to consult with a professional to determine the best materials for your specific property.

Olde South Contractors, as a dedicated commercial roofing provider, is prepared to engage in discussions about your roofing requirements. When it comes to commercial foam roofing in Dublin, Georgia, we offer both foam roof installation and foam roof repair services.

  • SPF Spray Foam Roofing Spray polyurethane foam is highly durable & considered the best in foam roofing.


What is the Best Foam Roof Coating?

The majority of foam that roofers use is considered to be spray polyurethane roof coatings. Among various roof coating options, these coatings stand out as the most impact-resistant and can endure higher-than-average foot traffic. The two primary types utilized are aliphatic and aromatic, both capable of withstanding elevated levels of traffic stress.

Foam Roof Application

A spray foam roofing application can be directly applied onto the roof surface. This process entails the installation of closed-cell spray foam directly under the roof surface, extending to the junction of the ceiling and exterior walls. This creates what’s known as a “hot roof,” eliminating the necessity for roof venting and effectively integrating the attic into the heating and cooling space.

How thick should a foam roof be?

The specific thickness of the spray foam applied will vary according to your property’s requirements, but typically, a minimum of 1 inch is used on both commercial and residential roofs. In some cases, a greater thickness may be necessary to meet insulation or drainage requirements.

How often should a foam roof be recoated?

The frequency of recoating a foam roof typically ranges from every five to ten years, with the specific timing dependent on the weight and quality of the previously applied coating. Foam roofing can commonly face issues such as weather-related damage, bird droppings, pecking, external debris, and more. To determine whether a recoat is needed, it is advisable to have your roof professionally inspected.

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