Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Solutions can Last Over 50 Years

We offer a diverse range of metal roof materials and styles for you to choose from, providing your roof with the touch of sophistication it deserves. Opt for a roof that can last for over 50 years while enjoying enhanced protection from the elements. Our team is available to explore your project objectives at your convenience.

Metal roofing has long been a staple in the commercial roofing industry, boasting numerous advantages. Olde South Contractors has a history of installing metal roofing and holds recognition as a Certified Installer by Union Corrugating. If you’re contemplating a metal roof, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.


  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Energy efficient
  • Different panel profile options
  • Quick installs

The popularity of metal roofing among our customers is evident for several reasons. Olde South Contractors has teamed up with Union Corrugating and GA Metals to provide you with top-of-the-line metal roof systems. Additionally, we offer a choice between two fastener options to best suit your needs.

Exposed fastener metal roofing systems utilize screw fastener systems that remain visible on the exterior of the metal roof surface following installation. These exposed fastener metal roofing systems are cost-effective and have been in use for decades, making them a highly popular choice in a diverse range of metal roofing applications.

In concealed fastener metal roofing systems, like our standing seam metal roofing system, the screws are entirely hidden and shielded by the steel roof surface. This design imparts standing seam panels with exceptionally clean and aesthetically pleasing lines. Additionally, the standing seam metal roofing system excels in weather resistance and durability since the metal roof fastener systems are shielded from exposure to external elements.

We offer three primary types of standing seam metal roofing systems: the screw flange, snap lock, and mechanically seamed systems. Each of these standing seam metal roofing system variations employs a slightly different method to securely attach the panel to the metal roof.

Olde South Contractors is proud to partner with local GA Metals to provide our customers with the best in metal products.

To learn more or get started with commercial metal roof installation or repairs contact our team.