Commercial Roof Coating in Tifton Georgia

In 2022, All Safe Storage facilities in Tifton, Georgia contacted Olde South Contractors to solve their roofing issues. Their previous metal roofing system was around 15 years old and was having problems with water leaks. Since the business was storing valuables for its customers, a sound, leak free roof was essential for climate control and safety of stored items. 

Olde South Contractors evaluated the roof and made a plan to install a commercial retrofit renewable roof with an acrylic coating to remedy all leaks and other roofing problems. Specific care was taken to ensure that work was completed in a timely manner to minimize disruption to the business owners and their customers. 

Commercial Roof Coating Process

The first step in the commercial roof coating process was to pressure wash the metal roof and identify the weak areas. A strong foundation is essential to proper application and waterproofing with acrylic coating. This low slope roof had many weak flashing points that allowed water to enter. Flashing points are often a point of water entry in roof systems and careful attention must be placed to their repair. Olde South roofing prefers to replace faulty flashing altogether rather than try to repair leaking flashing. It creates the cleanest and most consistent seal. 

Acrylic Coating Advantages 

Once the metal roof was pressure washed and flashings were replaced, the roof was then primed and American Weatherstar acrylic coating was applied. Acrylic roof coatings not only waterproof the roof but also cool the roof substantially. A cooler roof means cooler air inside and increases energy efficiency and lowers utility costs for the business owner.  In addition to energy efficiency, acrylic coatings are mildew resistant, provide a waterproof seal between the environment and the metal roof, prevent rust and corrosion, and extend the life of the roof substantially. 

Olde South Contractors coated roofs have an expected lifespan of at least 10-15 years and offer a labor warranty for the first 5 years after installation. 

Goals of the Commercial Roof Coating Project 

The goals of this acrylic commercial roof system was to repair leaks, increase energy efficiency and provide peace of mind for the business owner as well as their customers who store their valuables there. Olde South Contractors achieved all of these goals. The project was completed in about 2 days with zero disruption of daily operations for the business owner.