Handy Andy GAF PVC Roof Installation in Vidalia, Georgia

In 2022, the owner of the Handy Andy store in Vidalia, Georgia contacted Olde South Contractors to install a new GAF PVC roof on their building. The biggest challenge in this GAF PVC roof installation was the flashing around the HVAC units and the limited area available around the building to hold the required materials. Ultimately Old South Contractors completed the job successfully. 

Existing Roof Evaluation

The existing roof on this Handy Andy store was a steel roof and because of the multiple additions to the main building, there were 8 different HVAC units in place. Upon inspection, the flashing around each unit was not done correctly which resulted in numerous leaks inside. The roof was about 20 years old. 

GAF PVC Roof Installation

First, the faulty flashing was removed around each unit. While some roofing contractors choose to repair faulty and leaking flashing and curbs, this is not the best practice. Olde South Contractors always start fresh in regard to flashing and curbs by replacing them entirely and installing them exactly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This was done around all 8 HVAC units successfully. 

One of the advantages of having Olde South Contractors install your commercial roof is the wide array of skills the roofers possess. Experienced and skilled roofers are able to bend curbs and fit flashing with the most precise fit and install correctly giving little to no chance of roof leaks. Having the job done correctly the first time makes a huge difference in the longevity of your roof. 

Once the new flashings and curbs were installed, the next step was to fill the existing steel with flute-fill insulation between the ridges of the metal. Then 4×8 insulation was installed across the flute fill to create a level surface. In any roof installation but especially a GAF PVC roof installation, creating a level surface is essential to proper roof installation from both a welded point of view and an aesthetic point of view. 

Finally, after the surface was properly leveled, a 60-mil GAF PVC membrane was installed. GAF PVC membranes are waterproof, energy efficient, and UV resistant. Their durability and weather resistance make them a great choice for commercial roofs. 

Handy Andy GAF PVC Roof Installation 1
This Handy Andy store in Vidalia Georgia after a GAF PVC roof installation.

Completion of Handy Andy PVC Roof Installation

This GAF PVC roof installation was completed successfully in about 2 weeks. Due to limited space around the property and to ensure access to the entirety of the property, materials were brought in as needed rather than all at once. Olde South Contractors was pleased to be able to complete this job with minimal disruption to the store and customers. The customer was so satisfied they have chosen Olde South Contractors as their go-to roofers for other properties that need attention.