Commercial Mule-Hide TPO Roof Installation in Dublin GA

In August of 2020, Olde South Contracting was contacted by the owner of the building that currently hosted a Kroger grocery store in Dublin, GA. This commercial roof was in poor condition with at least a dozen or more leaks inside. The goal was to complete a Mule-Hide TPO roof installation in phases, limit customer disruption, and correct all leaks. This project presented several unique challenges but Olde South Contracting was able to successfully complete the job. 

Initial Roof Assessment

Upon initial inspection, the commercial roof was ballasted with rocks. Through natural weathering over time, these rocks became sharp and were puncturing the old and deteriorating EPDM waterproofing membrane underneath. Most damage was caused by utility repairmen coming to service the HVAC units or when any roof service was done. This was found to be the main source of the leaks inside that extended the span of the store inside. 

This commercial roof also featured 86 skylights that the owner wished to be removed. A careful and methodical plan was made to remove the skylights, and repair the roof all while operating at the least busy customer hours. 

Existing Roof Removal

The first step was to remove the ballasted rock paying special attention to the areas around the skylights and apply temporary waterproofing measures. During the removal process, new damage was constantly being found and then repaired. Then Olde South Contracting began the painstaking process of removing all 86 skylights from this room. As the skylights were removed each area indoors was cordoned and tarped off, strict safety protocols were in place along with a safety monitor and cleaned up in between. Then temporary EPDM rubber roofing was placed over those areas. Most work was done between the hours of 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. since there were very few customers shopping during these hours.

Mule-Hide TPO Roof Installation

Once all 86 skylights were removed, new decking was installed and painted to match the existing decking inside the store. The goal was to make it look like the skylights were never there and that goal was achieved. Finally, a half-inch fanfold insulation board was applied to the roof and covered with 45 mil Mule-Hide TPO across that. One challenge with this TPO roof installation was giving a seamless look to the exterior of the store. This was accomplished by drying in the front awnings and the drive-thru area. 

Challenges with the Kroger Mule-Hide TPO Roof Installation

Olde South Contracting encountered several unique challenges with this Mule-Hide TPO roof installation. First, this installation began during the height of the Covid shutdown. Best safety practices were implemented to keep employees and customers safe. Second, the skylight removal process needed to be done with strict safety measures for the public and minimal disruptions to the store. Finally, a hurricane came through as this roof installation was happening delaying some work and also exposing new leaks in the middle of the roofing process. All were identified and repaired leaving the Kroger building with a new watertight Mule-Hide TPO Roof. 

This project was completed in 3 phases and took about 30 days from start to finish. The building owner was very pleased with the work, timeframe, and attention to safety and detail by Olde South Contractors.